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End of a particles journey...

End of a particles journey...

Its been 17 months since I've started the CosmicCode Project. Its been a hell of a ride. Great topics, good discussions, invaluable experience, irreplaceble partnerships, I cant stop admiring the group. Its a dream come true that one day in 2003, and the dream never died 'till today and never will.

But some events revolving my 'professional' life just seem to signal the end for this journey. I just cant find any better solution. For the past 2 years I have been a research student with no research grant, no permanant job and no source of income. I have been sharing this PC (without permission from the faculty authorities) to access the net and updating my various groups, blogs and emails. But the faculty have decided to dismantle this lab for the last time. No more internet, no more PC and God-forbid, I'm back to square one. My research still havent finished, my thesis is on hold and my financials are just the same. Not that I'm complaining about my poor-man researcher life, I do believe there are many physicists, scientist and researchers out there with the same predicament.

I have done a rough calculation and came to a summary that I need about Malaysian Ringgit (RM) 5000 which is equal to 1,315.79 USD =1,004.07 EUR = 137,970.69 JPY = 57,430.68 INR = 688.813 GBP (got carried away with the currency converter) to get myself a decent laptop or notebook configured with internet apps and stuff and also get myself an internet subscription until the end of the year. For a 3rd world country, that is a HUGE ammount. So much have been said about this great emerging south asian countries (im in one), the budget they put forth for education and etc, and still to this point we arrive. Scientist here have to go through hell to even secure a small grant, let alone finish a 2 year research.

And then there is this race and religion factor. Cant say more...its stupid, plain and simple.

The total living cost for 2 whole years for a research student such as me is MYR 25,000 for a single person which is equal to 6,578.00 USD and the course fee is USD 2000 inclusive of everything. So what can a person do, if he doesnt have a research grant, cant source a part time job since the MSc course is taking the whole day and night and there is like 80,000 graduates unemployed searching for the same thing you are.

I realized this could also be the last time im posting from this PC and the last time possibly im going to listen to my favourite from Cyndie Lauper - "Time After Time" online.

So guys and girls, if i dont come online often, please still bring your friends to the CosmicCode group to share and discuss, talk, make friends, break the political border around us and be apart of the great journey. At any cost, I will not let this dream die, this group will continue, we have great moderators and excellent members. Our website will be realized very soon and we will contribute to the world of science. I will get access to the internet from time to time, but no promises, no more regularity.

With Love,
Ghost Particle


I'm not sure what to say man...

I wish you luck in life from here on out. And thanks for the comment on my site. It was great to meet you. I even joined your group, CosmicCode Project the other night. I love the pictures and the articles, very enlightening.

Well, like I said, I wish you luck.
If you check out the pictures portion of CosmicCode Project you'll see my "Divine Interception" folder with all the photos I thought could find a happy home on your yahoo goup. Most of these pictures are ones either hidden or just regularly displayed on my site. Enjoy.

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