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Anthem of Dust

cold windy night sky,
giant stars sailing by,
should not we dare to try,
silence its fiery cry,

gazing into the dark void,
little fingers combing wind,
thousand jungle lying dead,
fallen rewriting the creed,

band of hell marching past,
drummers drumming anthem of dust,
it is where we will be cast,
in the stars fiery crust,

decaying leaves blown away,
naked trees turning gray,
blue heaven in the fray,
false dogma written on clay,

when the rivers all dried,
and the mother women cried,
because the young born all died,
no future for humans to be tied,

time struglled with all might,
while new keepers held tight,
moon and stars silently bright,
ghost of souls in night light.

-::- this poem is of the present reality and the future history. and the destruction of the environment, and ultimately the death of humans. There are six 'chapters' of evolution. The first chapter describes the will of humans to question and explore, planning amazing voyages and fulfilling godly ideas. The second chapter explores the humanities struggle to survive and ultimately , destroying the nature to ensure their survival, which signals the casting away of the lifes rules. The third chapter forsees the immediate future and signals a dark coming and ultimately realizing our end. The fourth chapter describes a world where we have lost the war, both with nature and ourselves, the death of religion and all its lies. The fifth chapter tells of the scenario of our final days, timelines have been severed, our extinction imminent. The last chapter explores the idea of humans importance in the universe, and their death as the ultimate lost for we have been the keepers of time, which now in turn is taken over by other intelligence, even the moon and star feeling the lonliness, and our ghost lost in the darkness of night.

feb 4, 2005. 3.00am. ghostparticle.
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from afar, of you and me