Wednesday, January 5

Saggitarius Sky

late in the evening,
under the saggitarius sky,
i looked back at my life.

fireflies all i remember,
for only they bring happiness,
we were young and alive.

have i known one day in the future,
i will break some rings,
loose some friends.

how chaotic my life was,
trembling as i walk along,
not knowing which road to take.

what future holds for me,
my dreams so cosmic,
burdening the time strings.

how i wish everyday,
to meet my progenitor,
to end my voyage.

-Gp - 2005-
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1 comment:

E T E R N I T Y said...

wish it happens
wish i am smiling
wish i was there
wish you are here
arent we all thinking about "how i wish"
lets emit the happiness out, that it happened.
that i was part of the happiness too....
stars twinkling down...
shimmering in the drak sky
telling you are not alone
i am there for you



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny