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Dreamer's Anthem

as i lie awake,
on this cold wet night,
million of miles from my dream,
the universe slowly passing me by,
expanding further into the void,
of my future,

as i lie awake,
dreaming still of my dream,
the thought of when and where,
will i achieve my dreams,
its more than dreams actually,
it's my passion in life,
my silent and warm antidote,
for my cruel life,

as i run away,
from my crude past,
someday even the cool rain,
won't drive my sorrows away,
someday it gives me hope so high,
even the stars seem to be in touch,

when i'm fully awake,
from this dying dream,
when my sorrows cease to eat me,
and my feelings cast away my anger,
and i forget all my hate,

that one day,
i know i will reach the stars,
riding high,
all my dreams will come true,
humanity saved,
and everyone old and young,
newborns and dreamers alike,
drifters and legends,
will sleep an innocent slumber,
dream beautiful dreams,
of the garden of the Gods,
for i am there to save you,

when that day comes,
all the questions answered,
and all journeys end,
that day i will say goodbye,
to my blood and to my soul,
to my brothers in arm,
and to my fellow dreamers riding high,
on the back of the enigmatic neutrino,
to the far reaches of the universe,
and to the heavenly garden of the Gods,

and all days,
will be happy days,
when the passion is fulfilled,
and the hatred suppressed,
when the crimson rivers,
turn into crystal manna of life,
and the amber skies cleansed,
mothers breathing pure life,
and the land of the humans,
returned to humans,
and the land of green,
green again in high soul,
and the sea mighty once again with tides,
so high that the dreamers drift course,
towards the water of passion,
and everyone will know,

that one day,
the pain died,
lives not lost and loves not killed,
running on the fields of dreams,
when and where their past generations,
failed and failed again,
before gaining victory,
and that night all over the gifted earth,
the third rock from sol,
vibrates with happy souls,
who sleep with a hope,
and a single dream,
to wake up tomorrow,
and face another day,
to live a new life,
and give birth to a new baby,
who will live her life,
and tell this high tale,
of bravery and courage so true,
its the greatest story ever told,
to her son and daughter,
lying on the lap of God.

I love you.

-Gp -2005-
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E T E R N I T Y said…
unable to say anything...
beautiful words


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