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A birthday, a shooting star, a revolution and a new year.

A Birthday

It’s the last day of 2005 and yet again I stop to recollect how the years passed so swiftly, it seems like just yesterday we ushered in the new millennium. Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to wish Visithra a very happy birthday (belated, since it was yesterday). Among the millions of bloggers out there, very few are able to tell the stories of their life more freely and sincerely and Visi is definitely one of them. Ever there to highlight the small things in life that often makes us smile, laugh or maybe cry, her blog is one of the best out there. The variety of her posts and also the fondness of her to tell the stories of everything are simply mesmerizing. And she almost never forgets a friend’s birthday. So head there and wish her if you haven’t.

A Shooting Star

I’m not a big fan of warm nights, but sometimes a cloudless sky opens up the universe to you. Millions of stars, the Milky Way (and the galaxies you can’t see). I live at the equator, so I consider mysel…

Always remembered

You wish to remember,
You wish to touch,
Suddenly a thousand lights went blind,
and everything is lost,
But the Human spirit always survives...

26th December 2004 Tsunami Victims. Always Remembered.

Merry Christmas!

Here I dedicate this song in the spirit of Christmas... Chesnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

Everybody knows a turkey and some
Mistletoe help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas
Merry Chr…

King Kong, Donkey Kong, Hong Kong, Kang Kong and Leng Kong...

Okay, I guess everyone would have watched the biggest movie of this Christmas. Did you like King Kong? Im not trying to do a review abit late for that...but here's my opinion.

What's Peter Jackson trying to tell us? Or for that matter show us? The ape in love with the woman? Wat the heck is wrong with this movie? Its suppose to be a super fantasy thriller flick, not a love story. Damn, the woman dances in front of Kong and made him laugh? The spirit of the Kong is lost in this movie, lost by PJ forever... It might have been his dream to direct a Kong flick, but nope, IMHO, it failed. Its another popcorn flick, just eye candy and stuff. Nothing much to inspire you. Its just another remake. If you don't follow what I'm saying, most probably you haven't watched it, but damn, King Kong went ice scating with the heroin...what else to come, dragons and Aragorn? This movie would have proved once and for all that PJ is an excellent director, ofcourse coming after …

A House for Mr. Ghost: Part 4; Glory Seasons

The most important stage in a scientist’s life is when our research gets published. This one ultimate factor enables the scientist to justify his efforts and also at the same time ensure that his research is known to the world. There were days when certain experiments were not known to the world for decades. Even today, we might never know certain science carried out in the Soviet era or communist China. But in this age, they realize that international eminence enables the fruits of the research to be shared by the global community. In similar ways, the smaller communities where the scientist belongs will also receive recognition mainly the graduate student and other researcher in the group.

Tracing back the life of a scientist or the timeline of his research, we would encounter various stages where breakthroughs happen that carried the research forward. The glory seasons in a researchers life happens even during the early days of his works. When as a graduate he presents his first sem…

One in a Million!

What’s a million miles,
When we waited a million years,
To be friends and brothers,
In the glory seasons...

Human+Universe is One Year Old! Yep the big ONE-OH. Hoping for many more to come. My sincere thanks to everyone who made this journey worthwhile and amazing. I never imagined to meet so many people who would change my life and inspire me to do things differently. Thank you also to everyone who supported the 2050 Project. May God Bless everyone.

The Girl

It lasted for a week. I’ve had this liking’s all the time. But I thought this one was it. The ultimate love and everything that comes with it. So for the first time I tried a bit harder to find out if everything will go well. Its not that her family are strict and all, its still possible for me to pour my feelings to her and not get whacked. There’s only this tiny problem. There’s another guy in the picture! How it broke my heart. But then why the interaction in first place, why be nice to me and why all the sms’s and emails? And till now I’m still left wondering whether she really liked me or is this all a very late April fool’s game. It’s not fair for men, since we’re good, most of the times, and people still label us wrongly. So will there be a next time? I think I’ll wait a while to see if this relationship goes any further. Damn for once, I really loved a girl and she’s not part of my poems or stories!
And looking back at the comments for the Birthday post, my sincere thanks to a…

Fort Finnegan, Gas Chambers

In the fields of death,
They build thousands of gas chambers,
Factoring to kill all who remembers,
Including them who had faith

Under the scorching sun,
As far as the eyes can witness,
Naked lines crawling in madness,
Enough for the soul to fear and run

Into the grey green metal cylinders,
We marched previously dead inside,
On the walls bloody scribbles coincide,
Our Gods vanish to smoldering cinders

In rows upon rows packed tight,
Like terracotta soldiers guarding,
But we were here merely standing,
Soon to be reduced, into the night

Ever imagined the human mind,
What it sees before shutting down,
It sees the beautiful Elysium dawn,
But in here, it slowly went blind

The invincible clock ticked three,
Cascades of yellow bulbs died,
Countless weak souls cried,
Our spirits agonizingly floated free


[-] My second war poem using the Fort Finnegan theme.

Fort Finnegan

No ones heard of it,
This fort of yours,
The names all chaos,
And finally it was hit

The people just waited,
Finnegan said it won’t happen,
They had not such weapon,
Suddenly it was all fated

Purplasia had a reason,
We were cruel to the people,
Hoping to rise to the mantle,
They want us free from treason

Suddenly it was a hundred years,
Since the last voices heard,
They all had since feared,
Whom were all left in tears

That morning all was still,
The birds flew, the skies blue,
That old shaman he had no clue,
They will come, soldiers who kill

The Fort nation were ignorant,
Their militia went on murdering,
They who vanished were watching,
Humanity disregards the innocent

It went on for centuries,
This story became legendary,
Some would think it’s imaginary,
Not when the dead walked sentries

Will one day the story remain,
Even after the last creature dies,
When the sounds are echoes of cries,
Where it will end, in which domain?


[-] Fort Finnegan is my own version of war poetry. There are some great wa…

Evening Cafe

As the evening majestically sets,
Giant engraved doors crawls open,
In four corners stood marble angels,
Guarding the valiant redwood bonsai,
The waiters waited in royal white,
Waitresses wearing magnificent smiles,
Square wooden tables in formation,
Painted glass lamps on tables each,
Fuchsia napkins folded into flowers,
Crystal glasses beautifully invisible,
Silver knives gleaming fluorescent,
The most lavish China parades out,
Maidens unearthing the finest wines,
Some already dreaming in ice vessels,
Soft jazz serenading the vast scapes,
A solitary singer lining out numbers,
Cherished patrons stroll leisurely,
Chatters of joy entwined with music,
Captivating songs sung to perfection,
Sumptuous banquets served in unison,
Mouthfuls of magic the chef declares,
Another stage set for the apple pie,
Widely spoken the best in the city,
On the grandly carved oak wood bar,
Tall chairs seated beautiful ladies,
Not far beside stood handsome men,
Wishing the night never to end,
The jazzed crowd dancing merrily,
It turned…

Of Birthdays

Last weekend I went to my cousin 21st Birthday bash. I hate making public appearances. Not that I don't like anniversaries, just that I hated the people there. It took them about a dozen phonecalls to get me to come. I think it's my traumatic past of not celebrating anything (except maybe Deepavali) that made me hate all this gatherings. I hate weddings too. So, naturally I went there late so that it would be easier to blend in. Ofcourse, it doesn't work that way, and the instant I went in the house they all harassed me. Throwing all the blame on my uncle for picking me up late I went on the wish the Birthday boy. I could tell he was very happy I came, I've not been to my aunts in a year.

The very few things I like about Birthdays are the food and the ...the girls. Yes, all the girls you can imagine but cant speak to. No I'm not the bravest guy in the family nor the most presentable. Back to the food, you see, in any Indian themed function, the food will always be …

Final Days

Forgive me world,
These days we kill each other,
Children die in slums dear father,
Women get no respect, they falter,
Men on street hate our color,
You and me, we ignore each other
Where do we go where do we gather

Forgive me world,
Yesterday I saw a man die,
He didn’t even put up a fight,
A fallen angel on the lonely street,
I sat with him 'till the night,
I am victim too but I didn’t cry,
This disease, it's days has no light,

Forgive me world,
These days we know no love,
We hide our feelings just to survive,
We paint pictures dark and lone,
We cry silently tearing apart inside,
They never stop to listen, these people,
Our lives have no direction, no purpose.

Forgive me world,
Tonight I kneel to you and pray,
Not to the God that I don'’t believe,
Someday we will all succumb and fall,
Our troubles and sorrow are many,
You are our savior in these final days,
When we lost our touch in the senseless night.


* I wanted to write a song, so the first para was ok, it rhymed...then I lost …

December Season

You see a lot of photo's daily, but there can be only a few greats. I discovered Jim Brandenburg's story while going through back issues of the Graphis Journal. He's a legendary photographer who worked with the National Geographics Society and his collections and projects are simply stunning. His two amazing collections; 'Chased By the Light' and 'Looking for Summer- Chased by the Light II' which showcases natural imagery of the passing season. The first 'Chased by the Light Project' was published in the Dec 1997 National Geographics magazine carrying the most photo's ever in a feature. The project details Jim's effort in snapping only one frame per day for 90 days and relied heavily on his expertise to highlight the best images. Jim also founded the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation to promote the conservation of the Southwest Minnesota Prairies. Do visit his site, just click the image on top. (Image sourced from Jim's site and copyrighted…

December, Your Name.

Normally I don't write the explanation for my poems, simply for the reason, that poems should be enjoyed and interpreted by the readers themselves in their own mould and words. Its just words for that matter, and occasionally, and only in some moments does those words bring true meanings. And in some magical moments, those meanings reflect the true expression that I was trying to convey. Due to extreme laziness, a serious attention deficit disorder, and also the rush to reach the gates of heaven fast (ok, the rush to publish this...somehows hitting the 'Publish' button excites me), I don't really edit the poems. I do general spell check, and sometimes a few words just escape. The second stage of any poem writing, is to rearrange, or reformat the whole thing. Some say this is the creative part. But I reason, why do we need to give final touches for something so sporadic. Random thoughts should be conveyed as it is. So you get poems by GP that you seldom understand. By t…

Should everything have a reason...

If words alone can sustain humanity, then were better off blind.
If eyes are the tools of evil, then the universe is better off empty.
If borders ensure sovereignty, then why are we wearing cloths?
If conformity means existence, why work the extra minute?
If you're alive, what need is for the God?
If forms form in freedom, why are they numbered?
If the Ghost is to be feared, then why let it exist?
If silence is beautiful, what forces them to rape?
If music is the essence of creativity, do we need only ears?
If freedom is our destiny, we are born mistaken.
If the Internet is the last vestiges of freedom, then here shall we thrive.

-GP- [+] I forgot to leave an explanation; I'm starting a design-blog, just follow the link (click the post title). Free yourself from political slavery, and live your creative freedom on the Internet. Anyone familiar with Photoshop Tennis please email [orionfaktory[@]] for a game or just leave a comment.

I need ( to find ) a job.

A few days back I had this glorious chance of waking up early in the morning to enjoy the lovely sunrise. It was 6.30 am and I had no problem waking up since it was such a happy moment in my life and as I opened the sliding door to my balcony the landscape was covered with thin mesmerizing fog as far as the eyes can see. This is indeed a great God send opportunity to enjoy such lovely scenes and it did make me happy...

Ok who am I kidding, I was forced to wake up! Godamit! I hate waking up in the morning, it's been like two whole years since I last woke up in the morning for my 8 am classes. My 'irreplaceable' housemate came back from the hometown and I had to ride 10 miles in the cold morning to pick him up.

As I was riding my bike on the winding road towards the bus stop, I noticed a whole bunch of people, all happy faces, on the same road going to someplace I guess important to them. Then I realized that all of them have a job, and they need to get up to survive in this b…

7 Reasons on why I have no life...

CBT tagged me with this cool one. I think ive done it before, ahh yes, ive copied most of what Visi wrote last here's a fresh try.

7 things I plan to do before I die (and meet the Big Guy, I want to have some stories to tell him you know):

(1) Write a book, I so damn really want to! ( I've started some outlines, need to clear my mind to do this properly, but I'll do it soon. Only poems thus far I guess)
(2) Get married, have kids and be a great dad. ( I tell everyone I don't want to get married)
(3) Live and die in India. (I feel I need to return where I can identify with my culture)
(4) Ride the Trans-Siberian Express (either this or ride the whole Route 66 on an Indian)
(5) Volunteer to go to Mars (and its not an impossible thing; 4 Frontiers)
(6) Act in a Steven Spielberg movie. (as MC said, I would like to try Shankar too)
(7) Be alive to make first contact. (I think its possible)

7 things I can do, even when I don't know why I want to do it…

Blackwood Hills; Shadows

Blackwood Hills; Shadows
Reminiscent of a sunset,
Fascinating moments parts asunder,
A solitary crystal droplet,
Veiled amid leaves in slumber
In the shallow background, formless,
Against a Blackwood tree,
Flickers golden lights, boundless,
Weaving through them shadows spree The last vestiges of light,
Fades slowly akin watery ripples
And soon from the moonlight,
Columns of shadow dances
The trees of Blackwood so grand,
Blanketing the hills in worship,
In facing the rays, shadows blend,
It’s a union beautiful as friendship
One dreams of tomorrows,
In this mystifying forest hills,
Will there still be shadows,
For even the sun waits in stills
In the memories of poets exist,
They who witnessed majestic times,
Why imagine of tomorrows geist,
When tonight we can build infinities. -gP2005-30/11/05

Ashgabat Adventures

As the days pass, and you get older, nothing seems to be the same anymore. You meet new people and make new friends. You travel the world and marvel at humanities achievements. When you look back at the glory days of your childhood and you wonder how fast time has drifted from you. Yesterday is almost history in every sense. The world is moving too fast and were all playing catch-up. All your friends are gone scattered around the world and only the occasional email reminds you of them. The world is a smaller place today thanks to the TV and of course airplanes. Somedays you never know who'll dial you up from some faraway country. Yesterday while I was with Bob and Anu, our buddy MJV called all the way from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Yes Turkmenistan, the country that borders Iran, Afganistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Recalling back, I think he's the remotest friend I have in this planet. Do any of you have friends in faraway places. Maybe in Alaska, the poles or the Sahara? Ple…

Bob in The Big City: The Big Debut

(this blog has been hacked by Bob!)

Hello all...Ghost has been pathetic this whole week/ month/ year/ so I wanted to cheer him up. We stayed up all night and made this supercool plane model...
(B-17F Flying Fortress)Just like planes, ready to fly,Just that we don't have them, runways.-Bob-****** GP ******Give me back me blog! Look whose getting all poetic... Get your hairy hands of the keyboard!(Source: Wikipedia B17F Entry)Ok, abit more of the model, its a B17F Flying Fortress, that flew over Germany in WWII on some not so friendly missions. We made them Nazi's run anyway! The model has about 80+ parts to it. The rest of the images can be viewed in my PhotoBlog; [TransitTamils]. -gP2005- -Bob-

North Season

Hello all, How are you? Did your day start well today? Did it end well yesterday? Did you meet a friend? Did you say hi to your neighbor? Did you notice the season passing by? Did you notice the leaves falling of the tree in your backyard? Did you sit down and enjoy the beautiful morning? Did you kiss your wife today? Did you hug your kids today? I did not do any of those.

Have you seen a person dying? Have you stood beside a person on his deathbed and realized you cant cry even though you loved him so much? Did you see the child shot dead by the roadside in some far away country yesterday? Did you stop to listen to the youth shouting "I hate you world!" incestantly yesterday? From the seats on the bus you were traveling, did you notice the blind man getting in, and no one helped him? Have you seen her cry and sink into depression a few years back? Do you smell and feel the polluted world? Did you throughout the years witness the teenagers taking drugs, fighting, rotting? Hav…

A House for Mr. Ghost: Part 3, Goblets of Desire

~ Chapter 1 ~

The journey of a science student opens new paradigms in the life of the student mainly the change of the mindset, critical views of the field and also relationships with fellow scientist. Of course the main goal or desire is to seek answers. I say scientist because being a graduate student I’m already a ‘qualified’ researcher and physicist. (This is another proven method to raise confidence and ‘share experiences’). And with it comes responsibilities. The common goal is to hunt for answers and understand the dynamic universe. Of many reasons on why the answers are searched for, the most important would be for the betterment of humanity at large. There are certain codes on how scientist work and mature. I like to view them as the rules of science for humans. In truth and in practice, science and the scientist should never create a gap of knowledge between the laymen and themselves.
Certainly there are individual traits for every scientist out there. I am a dreamer and the …

On a rainy Tuesday night at an expensive cybercafe

Came for an important email, then got stuck here of rain, and nothing comes to mind, so here's a collection of good quotes for life.

[-] 'The aim of life is to live, & to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.' - Henry Miller

[-] 'It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.' - Harry S. Truman

[-] 'And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.' - Jerry Chin

[-] 'Accept the things that fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.' - Marcus Aurelius

[-] 'The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.' - Maureen Dowd

[-] When the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems begin to resemble nails.' -Abraham Maslow

[-] Be nice to people on your way up, because you'll meet them on your way down.' Wilson Mizner

[-] …

A House For Mr Ghost: Part 2; The Chronicles of a Science Graduate Student, Wardrobe and all.

Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody experienced it easy. Most of the 'soldiers' are wounded in this 'divine' battle. Some just gave up. You risk everything and most of the time you don't achieve anything important. At the time you decided to jump into this, some asked you not to. Some encouraged you. The world waited. Some decisions are to be made carefully after weighing in all the problems and possibilities. This kind of serious decisions are not to be made in a rush or lets just say in the heat of the moment. After a while you realize the fire has burned out and you're left there hanging precariously on edge of the deep canyon. And at this time, you blame it on laziness and ignorance. Science is observations. How do you know you're interested or not. If you look at Einstein and the only thought that comes into mind is to recommend a good hair stylist to him, then you're not up to it. If the big bad world doesn't excite you then you're not a…


I finally watched the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' yesterday and an interesting question came into mind. Do you still remember your first instance of consciousness? When did you first realize you're alive? I vaguely remember my first ever memory on this earth was waking up one morning and seeing the sun rays through the window. I cant remember what age I was then but that could possibly be the moment I 'found' consciousness and became aware of the world. Many issues and theories were dissected in the movie, with Quantum theory being the main idea behind that unique venture.

There could be a multitude of divine or religious interpretations behind consciousness, but in the past decade or so, science was able to provide many answers to the creation of reality which arises for being conscious. What is consciousness really? Wikipedia terms consciouness as a state of being self aware or more deeply sentience. Being alive and realizing you are alive and have the abili…

Poems and a Rainy Night.

We were Humans

Remember when we were humans,
Fearless soldiers in daylight battles,
Unrivalled lovers under the moonlit sky,
We were humans when we were dead before.

The Lost Nights

Remember the nights,
We circled the raging bonfire,
Our small legion of moonlight friends,
Sharing stories of lost nights.

The Daydreamers

During history on a hot morning,
Painting graffiti on school walls,
Secretly in love with mystery girls,
Building daydreams on wooden stilts.

The Amazing Stories

Among best friends,
With heartbreaking idyllic memories,
Reliving stories to the end of time.
We were brothers sometime yesterday.

The Rainy Season

Of course it ends this day,
Didn't it start in such season?
The blessed sky showering hope,
We were humans always on rainy nights.

****** book ii ******
Poetry Revisited

In the faint evening light,
I traced my masterpiece,
Cold depressed shadows appeared,
Brought to life by the solitary,
magical lamp.

Forcing my mind to float,
To fly away into foreign lands,
Grasping ideas and beautiful faces,

A House for Mr.Ghost: Part I; What A Life!

[updated! - again]

[-] For the benefit of everyone who clicked on the tags, this is the post that started the whole MrGhost series!!!

[-] I was thinking of telling the lost key story in a post of it own. But here goes, the key was lost at the Puduraya Bus Terminal (in KL). So I told my evil housemate, to go ask the police counter whether they have and lost and found items. But surprise surprise, even the police counter was missing. Or maybe they moved somewhere else. So the guy went to the parking counter to reclaim the parking token for my bike. And thank God, the good Samaritan, (the parking booth operator) had kept the keys he found at the counter. Somethings not right here. Yes, the evil housemate left the damn keys on the parking counter and left! This is kind of anti-climax but that's the truth. So God Bless the Parking Operator.

[-] The 'Buddy-System' is a loose description of the state of friendship today. The real story is this, I have a set of friends. Even though w…